The Actron Air has some outstanding ducted systems. Very good quality, reliable, Australian made, with good backup & easy to fix.

Actron Air has 2 fancy high level options that we really like.

  1. ESP Plus: Digital Technology Combined with Modulating Air Flow “Cruise Control”, gives big energy savings & smooth temperatures
  2. Ultima: Multiple Controls – gives further significant energy savings as well as amazing comfort in each area.

7 tips for home air conditioning comfort

  1. How Much $ should you invest in this home?
    Ducted $1,500-2,000/Room
    Wall Splits $2,000-4,000/Room
  2. How Big is your Electrical Main Switch? Find out hidden costs.
    Large ducteds need 3 phase house main (Approx $1500 Upgrade).
  3. Which Rooms are Sometimes not Occupied?
    Put these on separate zone switches to save energy.
  4. Which Rooms will you Occupy on the hottest day?
    This calculates the “kW” SIZE of your motor.
  5. Where to Locate the Wall Controllers?
    These are the brains, monitoring room temperatures & controlling which rooms need less or more air. Good decisions here can also save wasted energy.
    Basic Systems = 1 Controller.
    Better Systems = at least 2 Controllers.
    Top of the Line = Fully Automated Smart Systems up to 8 Controllers for personal preferences, very smooth temperatures & significant energy savings.
  6. Standard, Inverter of Next Generation Digital ESP?
  7. Who to Trust to care, listen & survey your needs. Then design, install & future support with prompt Backup Service?

Running Costs – based on latest electricity rates

Approx Quarterly Electricity Bill – (Air Con Portion)
(Heavy Usage)

2.5kw – $12015kw – $550
7.0kw – $22517kw – $615
12kw –  $45023kw – $850

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