24 Hour Breakdown Service

Tips to try before calling:                                                        

  • Batteries: renew these in the remote control (& press RESET with a pen tip on some controls).                                                       
  • Full Reset: (by turning off for 3 minutes) the total electrical feed, at the “Air Con” circuit breaker in your Meter Box (down for OFF).                                                       
  • Clean Filters: if you are able to CHECK/CLEAN the filter, you could save a callout.
  • The Outdoor Motor: Again CHECK/CLEAN the air intake & fans are not restricted by plastic, paper, garden plants etc.

Water Leaks

Turn off AC & use a bucket & rags to catch water.  Then call us – 24 hours / 7 days.


Is the system under warranty (usually 5 years in homes & 1 or 2 years in Offices)?  

Church Air system?  

Best to have the original installer look after you with back-up service (especially Warranty).
Sorry, we do not provide warranty service for Non-Church installations.

Which Brand

Some brands, you may have difficulty finding a back-up service tech.

We specialise in:

  • Actron Air
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Temperzone
  • Bradway
  • Davian
  • Fujitsu

Annual Service

We recommend a basic service to reduce running costs & help prevent breakdowns (Residential-Annually, Commercial-Quarterly or Monthly).

Warnning about “sensitive” Electronics

& “hard to diagnose” PCBs (most AC’s have approx 5 sensitive electronic boards plus sensors etc)  – may not be fixed on 1st visit.

Warning - Repairing Older Units

In addition to the existing repairs, further costs or delays often do occur.

The complexity of modern electronic systems makes it difficult to fully diagnose two or more faulty parts until the first one has been fixed.

Manufacturer’s parts can be ex-stock Sydney, up to six weeks or in some cases outdated & no longer manufactured .
We do hope that we have better news for you during these repairs.

This leads us to one further thought, Are you “throwing good money after bad”?

If more than 7 years old, it could be wise to consider updating the whole machine?

Besides the wear, tear and corrosion, the current fault may have started further damage.
(E.g. A faulty fan motor now can easily lead to a compressor failure later).

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